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    How to stop new record creation when mouse click




      I am working with Oracle Forms 6i.


      I have a multi record block. I have provided a 'New' button that the user should click when a new record creation is required. This is because there is some other function that needs to be performed when the new record is created. Specifically, on clicking the new button, the program populates the field with values read from another table. This works fine.


      However, I realized, that if the user clicks on the mutli-record block just below the last record, a new record gets created. This action does not cause the logic behind the 'New' button to execute and the record is created in a manner that is not acceptable.


      First question is why does the new record get created only by clicking with the mouse with the pointer below the last record? Is there a way to stop this from happening?


      Thanks in advance for your help.