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    APEX Interactive Report not shown complete on production system



      I have a problem with my Apex 4.1.1 application on customers production server.

      On our development system (Oracle the Apex IR with the query down below delivers 1.500 rows and the page loading is finished after 3 seconds.

      On our customers production system (Oracle the same IR shows only the first 800 rows and then page loading runs endless. When i add a pagination with 500 rows everything works fine.

      When i execute the Query in SQL Workshop the 1500 rows are delivered on both systems within 0,4 seconds.

      What could be the problem?


      kind regards



      Here the source of the Interactive Report:

      select o.oid, o.obj_id, o.obj_name, f.finanzst_oid finanz_kosten_oid, 'Finanzierung' art, fst.BEZ bezeichnung, f.grundstueck_bet grundstueckskosten, f.bau_bet baukosten,f.von_datum, f.bis_datum, f.sort

      from afa_objekte o, afa_finanz f, afa_finanzst fst

      where o.aktiv is not null

      and o.oid = f.objekte_oid

      and f.finanzst_oid = fst.oid


      select o.oid, o.obj_id, o.obj_name, k.kostenst_oid finanz_kosten_oid, 'Kosten' art, kst.BEZ bezeichnung, k.grundstueck_bet grundstueckskosten, k.bau_bet baukosten, k.von_datum, k.bis_datum, null sort

      from afa_objekte o, afa_kosten k, afa_kostenst kst

      where o.aktiv is not null

      and o.oid = k.objekte_oid

      and k.kostenst_oid = kst.oid

      order by obj_id,sort nulls first,finanz_kosten_oid,von_datum;