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      I have completed upgrading my Enterprise Manager OMS from to and am not in the process of upgrading the agents. Several agents show agent as not upgradable with error Oracle Home Property Missing and I am having problems trying to resolve that. In addition to the information in Chapter 5 of the upgrade guide I have found Metalink notes 1564380.1 & 1576084.1 and am trying to follow them.


      Looking at the targets.xml on one machine I find -


      <Target TYPE="oracle_home" NAME="cannon-columbo_cluster_home" IDENTIFIER="TARGET_GUID=615AE33355A4D531DBFC35831C2A2952">

      <Target TYPE="oracle_home" NAME="mothpa.ucdavis.edu_mothpa1_oracle_database_home" IDENTIFIER="TARGET_GUID=DFE64CFD805C3C3F88E20EE0E74E556F">

      <Target TYPE="oracle_home" NAME="LISTENER_SCAN1_cannon-columbo_oracle_listener_home" IDENTIFIER="TARGET_GUID=964A37630D9E7E321E0EA845B79F5CD7">


      and following the notes I use emctl and run runCollection -


      ./emctl control agent runCollection mothpa.ucdavis.edu_mothpa1_oracle_database_home:oracle_home oracle_home_config


      But the console still shows Oracle Home Property Missing. emctl listtargets shows -


      mothpa1:product/agent12g/agent_inst/bin->./emctl config agent listtargets

      Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control

      Copyright (c) 1996, 2012 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.

      [cannon.ucdavis.edu:3872, oracle_emd]

      [LISTENER_cannon.ucdavis.edu, oracle_listener]

      [cannon-columbo_cluster_home, oracle_home]

      [mothpa.ucdavis.edu_mothpa1_oracle_database_home, oracle_home]

      [LISTENER_SCAN1_cannon-columbo_oracle_listener_home, oracle_home]

      [cannon.ucdavis.edu, host]

      [mothpa.ucdavis.edu, rac_database]

      [cannon-columbo, cluster]

      [has_cannon.ucdavis.edu, has]

      [ricep1_ricep11, oracle_database]

      [mothpa_mothpa1, oracle_database]

      [mothpa, rac_database]

      [ricep1, rac_database]

      [+ASM1_cannon.ucdavis.edu, osm_instance]

      [+ASM_cannon-columbo, osm_cluster]

      [LISTENER_SCAN1_cannon-columbo, oracle_listener]


      I have found some information pertaining to promoting targets but I don't understand that very well, essentially how to know if a target needs to be promoted. One note suggested running repvfy which I need to do. I will download it and run it to see if that helps but at the moment I am puzzled and seeking assistance. Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.


      Thank you.

      Bill Wagman