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    Auto creating BP records without user interaction

    Berkhan Dipso

      Hi team;


      I have 2 Business Processes (BP):

      BP_A : Line Item, Generic, Non-Workflow

      BP_B : Simple, Non-Workflow


      What I want to do is to create a record of type BP_B for every Line-item of BP_A. (Unifier 9.13 UDesigner Guide, Page:288 : Auto populating the new record, Line-Item-to-Record Auto-Creation)



      Lineitem: 1.1
      Lineitem: 1.2
      Record: 2
      Lineitem: 2.1


      Should generate 3 records of BP_B

      Record : 1.1
      Record : 1.2
      Record : 2.1


      I put a field of type "BP Creator" on the "detail" form of BP_A.


      BUT; a new instance of BP_B is created if and only if user clicks the the "Create" button on the form. And when I consolidate the line items of BP_A (By some other BP_A record, or another BP) no records of BP_B is generated.


      How can I really Auto-Create BP records from the line-items of another BP without having user input?


      Any help is appreciated.