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    Scheduler count


      Hi all experts,

      We are in  database 11gr2 and our grid control is 12c. I am get following message in alerts. I was looking answer from google but i could not find anyting. I appreciate if someone can give me some feedback.



      Target type=Cluster Database

      Target name=xxxxxx

      Message=The value of UserDefinedSchedulerCount is 1


      Event reported time=Oct 7, 2013 10:04:36 PM EDT

      Associated Incident Id=5596

      Associated Incident Status=New

      Associated Incident Owner=SYSMAN

      Associated Incident Acknowledged By Owner=No

      Associated Incident Priority=Low

      Associated Incident Escalation Level=0

      Event Type=Metric Alert

      Event name=ME$UserDefinedSchedulerTest:UserDefinedSchedulerCount

      Metric Group=ME$UserDefinedSchedulerTest


      Metric value=1

      Key Value=

      Rule Name=EDC - Metric Alert,Warning

      Rule Owner=SYSMAN

      Update Details:

      The value of UserDefinedSchedulerCount is 1

      Incident created by rule (Name = xxx - Metric Alert, Warning; Owner = SYSMAN).