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    loss of napi in chrome


      I am concerned about this article:

      Chromium Blog: Saying Goodbye to Our Old Friend NPAPI


      "Starting in January 2014, Chrome will block webpage-instantiated NPAPI plug-ins by default on the Stable channel. To avoid disruption to users, we will temporarily whitelist the most popular NPAPI plug-ins that are not already blocked for security reasons. These are: 


      1. Silverlight (launched by 15% of Chrome users last month)
      2. Unity (9.1%)
      3. Google Earth (9.1%)
      4. Java (8.9%) *
      5. Google Talk (8.7%)
      6. Facebook Video (6.0%)"

      "In the short term, end users and enterprise administrators will be able to whitelist specific plug-ins. Eventually, however, NPAPI support will be completely removed from Chrome. We expect this to happen before the end of 2014, but the exact timing will depend on usage and user feedback. Note that the built-in Flash plug-in and PDF viewer will be unaffected because they don’t use NPAPI."


      Similarly firefox is automatically blocking plugins. We can hope firefox doesn't advance to the level of plugin hostility of chrome!

      It worries me as the number of usable browsers dwindle. (This is the part where I always say that forms needs to be deployable WITHOUT going through an ordinary uncontrollable browser.)



      "We redesigned the click-to-play feature to focus on enabling plugins per-site, rather than enabling individual plugin instances on the page. Advanced users who want to activate individual instances may still do so by installing a Firefox extension. We encourage people who want to try the new plugin experience to use the Mozilla Nightly or Aurora preview releases."