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    Thank you for creating this space!

    Jayson Hanes

      Over the next few weeks I hope to post specific Packaged Applications questions for further discussion.

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          Jayson Hanes

          I tried to create a new discussion but the forum said I was not authorized....?




          I'm stuck on 4.2.2 for a few weeks and I'd like to see and/or use the 2 new packaged apps in the meantime (even if they are not supported on 4.2.2!)-- can the sql exports for them be made available?


          Are there any updates to other packaged apps in 4.2.3 (such as P-Track)?

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            David Gale-Oracle



            The SQL exports won't be made available, sorry. Data Reporter, at least, will not run on a 4.2.2 (or earlier) instance--it relies on functionality that did not exist prior to the 4.2.3 release.


            That said, you can always test out the new apps by requesting a workspace on apex.oracle.com, of course.


            We did implement a fair number of changes to all of the other packaged apps (naturally, some were more impacted than others). One of the most significant changes to P-Track is the ability to tag action items and milestones, in addition to whole projects.




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              The APEX installation download files contains the fxxx.sql of the packaged applications. I believe you can install (import) it if it is compatible with your APEX version.




              The P-Track application, for example, is f7220.sql.