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    Oracle Linux 6 Update 4 installation problem



      I am trying to install this OS but part way through the installation I get an error :


      Cannot retrieve repository metadata ( repomd.xml ) for repository : anaconda-UEK2

      Please verify its path and try again.


      I am using this file for the installation: Oracle Linux Release 6 Update 4 for x86 (32 Bit) (3GB), with the iso burned to a DVD.


      Googling the error got me this thread on this forum

      repomd.xml not found on OEL 6-3 install


      which was the same message but they got the error as a result of using a different, smaller file (I am sure that I am using the 3GB one).  I did the check disk option and it reported everything OK so don't know what is the problem.  I'm also a little puzzled as I didn't download the UEK version.


      thanks for any help