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    Formula in POV row converted to text on refresh


      We are upgrading our Essbase and Smart View set up to the latest versions ( and respectively). Currently our reports use the old grid format, so I am converting them to the new format, including having the POV on the sheet itself.


      One of the dimensions on the POV row is set by referring to a cell on the front page of the report, so that all of the sheets can have their POV changed from one place - i.e. =Cover!$A$1. This works on many of the sheets, but on some when the sheet is refreshed the formula is replaced by the current value of Cover!$A$1, so the dynamic link is lost.


      I can't see any difference between the sheets where this is and isn't a problem, the options look the same - Preserve Formulas and Comments in ad hoc operations is selected, Preserve formula on POV change is disabled and greyed out but that doesn't seem to matter on the sheets where it's working fine.


      Any ideas?


      Many thanks,