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    POAPPRV workflow Issues




      I have a requirement to modify the POAPPRV workflow ,to start with i downloaded the workflow from "Workflow Definitions Loader" concurrent program and open the wft file from the workflow builder and not modified anything and I just try to save the wft file and I am getting below warnings/errors. Can you please help me why I am getting this error on seeded workflow?


      382: Design Validation generated 1 warning(s).  You may save invalid definitions but they should not be used in running process.


      354: 'SAVE' validation failed for activity 'POAPPRV/AME_ROUTING'.

      362: Validation failed for child activity 'POAPPRV/GET_NEXT_APPROVER_AME'.

      360: '&OPERATION' validation failed for 'NO_NEXT_APPROVER_ESIGNER' transition to activity 'WFSTD/END'.

      350: Invalid transition result code 'NO_NEXT_APPROVER_ESIGNER'.  Transition codes must be valid lookup codes for the originating activity's result type.