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    LPN Allocation (full pallet allocation)

    Mahendravarma J

      Hi Apps Gurus,


      Below is the requirement & logic for which we're looking a solution ..

      We're using WMS organisation for shipping ..


      Requirement:- Let's say there are two subinventories - Storage & Picking. When pick released, the system should allocate stock from picking and stage it in the staging location, but when the required quanitity is not equal to the available quantity in the picking area, then it should allocate stock from storage if it finds the exact requirement. This is to avoid any un-necessary breaking of a full pallet from storage.


      Scenario:- Sales order requirement is 40 Bk and the picking area contains only 30 bk. Pick release program should check if there is a full pallet in storage for 40 and if available then should allocate that to the order line.


      Logic:- Pick release rule should be defined to check the picking location first to see if the entire requirement is available there and allocate, otherwise go to the storage location to check for full requirement, if there is a full pallet for that requirement then allocate or else pick the available quantity from picking and break the needed from storage to fulfill requirement.




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          Hi Mahendra,


          I'm not sure if you had this answered yet or not, but your pick release rules are not what you need to be looking at. You need to have a couple pick rules created and then have those pick rules assigned to a strategy,


          I do have a couple questions for you before we go father, assuming you are still having the issue:


          Question 1: Are you using LPN's in your reserve subinventory?

          Question 2: If you are using LPN's, do you want the entire LPN to be allocated or is it acceptable to reserve partial LPN's?

          Question 3: Are there standard pallet sizes in the reserve subinventory?

          Question 4: Is the process to pick only in standard pallet sizes (not splitting pallets) from reserve and picking eaches or split cases from your forward pick locations?