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    WebLogic Server scaling


      Hi all,


      I'm interested to know more about scaling in WLS and am unable to locate information to address my specific questions so please forgive me what must seem like simple questions to the more experienced and knowledgable.


      Q1. Why would a managed server be added/stacked on the same host which is already hosting a managed server for the same cluster instead of:

           A. adding another host with that managed server (vertical scaling)?

           B. increasing the existing JVM heap size for the existing managed server (horizontal scaling)?


      Q2. Similar to my first query above, what type of scale would be recommended in a virtualized environment and why? That is:

           A. adding another vhost and scaling horizontally on the same ESX hosts?

           B. stacking another managed server on the same vhost?

           C. increasing the size of the existing JVM heap size for the managed server?

           D. adding another ESX host and vhost (along with a managed server) on the new ESX host?


      I appreciate any and all responses and knowledge sharing.