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        Why would they want it back? 

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          Easy, they can't deal with Win7 or Win8 and 64 bit scares them sh!tless

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            You should see the early '90's app usage of the db


            Akshully, my boss uses the latest and greatest so he knows what will fail across our stack, and it scares me shirtless.  Most of our users are on VM's, and I'd rather keep what I have than do that (though I've asked for and may even get something where I could run multiple db VM's... or may not.  Acquisitions have widely expanded our collection of obsolescence, I expect at some point that will lead to major upgrade/consolidation/cloudynonsense/paradigmofthemoment.).


            If it were up to me, some real unix, but it's probably fortunate that it's not.


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              Windows XP is not necessarily the reason for the described problem. Connections to the forum are still not fully reliable, resulting in slow responses and disconnections at times with all sorts of unpredictable behavior. Firefox 22 was released very recently.


              Regarding the other comments about 64-bit (x86-64), Windows 7, etc., Microsoft is not a synonym for state of the art technology or clever technology implementations. If Microsoft did not pull the plug on XP, most installations would still continue to run XP. If you think about the investments and efforts people have been making over the last decade, just to keep up with Microsoft and to have a manageable system, to basically use a web browser and a few office applications, how can this not be pathetic.

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                I thought the century comment and SomeoneElse's response hilarious.  We can all bash MS (I know I do!) but the reality is these kinds of configurations are common for those accessing these fora.  How silly would it be if I didn't say what OS?

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                  It was actually not my intention to bash Microsoft, but rather to ascertain the declination between the perception or requirement of progress and reality.

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                    BluShadow wrote:


                    Sujoy wrote:

                    Update: Mails sent to the otn_feedback@oracle.com mailbox are bouncing back, I have raised an Account Help request from http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/contact/about-your-account-070507.html





                    I may have got the email address wrong (it's not one I contact myself regularly!)


                    Looking around I think the proper email you need is otnfeedback_us@oracle.com

                    My apologies.

                    Thanks again BluShadow.

                    My profile is fixed now, they have transferred the history into it. My pre-upgrade posts also show my username now instead of a number. Much happiness!




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                      PhHein wrote:


                      XP?! The last century just called and wanted their OS back


                      Nooo, they can't take back the most stable operating system they've produced!  Then what would we do

                      Some machines in our business are being replaced with Win7 machines...  oh what problems they cause....

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                        Greg Spall

                        Really? I found the opposite, every upgrade to Win 7 I have been involved with (both work and at home) has resulted in smoother, faster, cleaner operations.  IMHO Win7 is much more stable and robust than XP.

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                          You're lucky then.

                          Here we have many different pieces of software, old and new, and whilst some of the newer stuff is fine (excluding the obvious stuff that's designed to work with Win7) some of the older stuff has problems, especially as many of these systems require integration with each other.   It's difficult to describe accurately, but no doubt we'll get around to sorting everything out eventually.  It's just a helluva task.

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                            Greg Spall

                            Well, fair yes, trying to do any kind of "integrating with each other" in windows is never easy


                            Of course, I never really had any issues with Win 98 either .. so take that as you will too

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                              Been four months, how about a status update?

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