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    issue with system-jazn-data.xml in distributed domain




      I have a weblogic domain distributed over two machines as below:


      machine1: AdminServer

      machine2:  adf_cluster (adf_server1, adf_server2)


      When I deploy an ADF application enabled with ADF security on to the adf_cluster the system-jazn-data.xml  on machine2 alone gets updated with the application policies.

      Is this correct behavior? I was thinking the entire domain should have the same system-jazn-data.xml.


      Now when I shutdown the entire domain and restart again, the changes to system-jazn-data.xml  on machine2 are gone.

      However the Administration console still shows the application as deployed and active on adf_cluster, but the application is no longer accessible and gives 401 unauthorized error.


      Is there anything I'm missing?