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    Reporting Schema Permissions


      I would like to share the data model with my developers (who have SQL Developer) and was going to use the Report Repository/Schema.  I was following the instructions on the OTN website (Working with the SQL Developer Data Modeler Reporting Repository) until I got to the line that read "Select the Granted, Admin and Default check boxes for DBA and click Apply."  In the environment I work in granting DBA to a schema is very restricted and since the developers will be connecting using the DM1 schema (following the example) it just won't be allowed.  What is the minimal set of grants necessary for the Reporting Schema to work?  I just can't believe that the Reporting Schema needs every single system privilege (like EXP_FULL_DATABASE).


      So far I have a schema (DM1) that has CONNECT and RESOURCE.  I need to add more privs (assuming CREATE TABLE, CREATE VIEW) but would like a consise list if possible.



      Rick Anderson