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    Flash Recovery Area On




      We are running on window 2003 server 32-bit,we save backup on flash_recovery area which size is 91 GB,total file system size on window of flash recovery area is 190GB.When i check the space on file system it show me 84 GB free space,I want to ask then where is 27 GB space,because backupset size is 2.70GB autobackup size is 128 MB and datafile size is 79 GB.


      Please help me out.


      List of Backups


      Key     TY LV S Device Type Completion Time #Pieces #Copies Compressed Tag

      ------- -- -- - ----------- --------------- ------- ------- ---------- ---

      2745    B  F  A DISK        23-SEP-13       1       1       NO         TAG20130923T233305

      2747    B  F  A DISK        24-SEP-13       1       1       NO         TAG20130924T203609

      2749    B  F  A DISK        26-SEP-13       1       1       NO         TAG20130926T194832

      2751    B  F  A DISK        27-SEP-13       1       1       NO         TAG20130927T214235

      2753    B  F  A DISK        08-OCT-13       1       1       NO         TAG20131008T184055

      2754    B  1  A DISK        09-OCT-13       1       1       NO         ORA\$OEM_LEVEL_0

      2755    B  F  A DISK        09-OCT-13       1       1       NO         TAG20131009T225822




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          Asif Muhammad

          Hi Merri,


          You will get more information when you query the following views:




          Hope this helps!

          Thanks &

          Best Regards,

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            When i check V$RECOVERY_FILE_DEST it show's 77gb space used and space_limit is 91 Gb.But my question is window's file system (window's 2003 server 32-bit) 190GB total and free space is 83GB,where is the rest file system space.




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              Asif Muhammad



              What is the value of the space reclaimable section under the v$recovery_file_dest table, please provide the output of;

              SELECT * FROM v$recovery_file_dest


              and also run the following command from rman:

              report obsolete;


              Plus you can cross check the files that are available in the: list backup command with the Windows file system backupset.


              The above will give you what flash recovery occupying component of the DB is not taken into the account with the OS.


              Thanks &

              Best Regards,

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                report obsolete show's


                RMAN> report obsolete;

                RMAN retention policy will be applied to the command
                RMAN retention policy is set to redundancy 1
                Report of obsolete backups and copies
                Type                 Key    Completion Time    Filename/Handle
                -------------------- ------ ------------------ --------------------
                Backup Set           2745   23-SEP-13
                  Backup Piece       2745   23-SEP-13          I:\FLASH_RECOVERY\APPPROD\AUTOBACKUP\C-1628308050-20130923-00
                Backup Set           2747   24-SEP-13
                  Backup Piece       2747   24-SEP-13          I:\FLASH_RECOVERY\APPPROD\AUTOBACKUP\C-1628308050-20130924-00
                Backup Set           2749   26-SEP-13
                  Backup Piece       2749   26-SEP-13          I:\FLASH_RECOVERY\APPPROD\AUTOBACKUP\C-1628308050-20130926-00
                Archive Log          135874 03-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98760_578172119.DBF
                Backup Set           2751   27-SEP-13
                  Backup Piece       2751   27-SEP-13          I:\FLASH_RECOVERY\APPPROD\AUTOBACKUP\C-1628308050-20130927-00
                Archive Log          135876 03-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98761_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135878 03-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98762_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135880 03-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98763_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135882 03-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98764_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135884 03-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98765_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135886 03-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98766_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135888 03-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98767_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135890 03-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98768_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135892 03-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98769_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135894 03-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98770_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135896 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98771_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135898 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98772_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135900 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98773_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135902 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98774_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135904 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98775_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135906 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98776_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135908 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98777_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135910 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98778_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135912 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98779_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135914 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98780_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135916 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98781_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135918 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98782_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135920 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98783_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135922 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98784_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135924 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98785_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135926 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98786_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135928 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98787_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135930 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98788_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135932 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98789_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135934 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98790_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135936 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98791_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135938 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98792_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135940 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98793_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135942 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98794_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135944 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98795_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135946 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98796_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135948 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98797_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135950 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98798_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135952 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98799_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135954 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98800_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135956 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98801_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135958 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98802_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135960 04-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98803_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135962 05-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98804_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135964 05-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98805_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135966 05-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98806_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135968 05-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98807_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135970 05-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98808_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135972 05-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98809_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135974 06-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98810_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135976 06-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98811_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135978 06-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98812_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135980 06-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98813_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135982 06-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98814_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135984 07-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98815_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135986 07-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98816_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135988 07-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98817_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135990 07-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98818_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135992 07-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98819_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135994 07-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98820_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135996 07-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98821_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          135997 07-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98822_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          136000 07-OCT-13          F:\******\1_98823_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          136002 08-OCT-13          F:\\1_98824_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          136004 08-OCT-13          F:\********\1_98825_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          136006 08-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98826_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          136008 08-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98827_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          136010 08-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98828_578172119.DBF
                Archive Log          136012 08-OCT-13          F:\ARCHIVELOGS\APPPROD\1_98829_578172119.DBF
                Backup Set           2753   08-OCT-13
                  Backup Piece       2753   08-OCT-13          I:\FLASH_RECOVERY\APPPROD\AUTOBACKUP\C-1628308050-20131008-00








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                  Hi Merri;


                  Check those files avaliabe on OS? If yes please delete obsulete backup.


                  You can also use below query to see usage of flashback area:



                    ROUND((A.SPACE_LIMIT / 1024 / 1024 / 1024), 2) AS FLASH_IN_GB,

                    ROUND((A.SPACE_USED / 1024 / 1024 / 1024), 2) AS FLASH_USED_IN_GB,

                    ROUND((A.SPACE_RECLAIMABLE / 1024 / 1024 / 1024), 2) AS FLASH_RECLAIMABLE_GB,



                    V$RECOVERY_FILE_DEST A,

                    V$FLASH_RECOVERY_AREA_USAGE B

                  GROUP BY


                    SPACE_USED ,

                    SPACE_RECLAIMABLE ;



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                    Asif Muhammad

                    Hi Merri,


                    As per your data retention policy (redundancy 1) you have obsolete datas. You will have to make sure you have atleast 02 redundant recovery mechanism in case of recovery requirement, Assuming you have done the backup and recovery plan properly, you can free up some space deleting the obsolete backups. Hopefully this should recover the space on the Flash recovery area.


                    Please also confirm you dont have any other files at the flash recovery area directory at the OS level. Please cross check with the view that I have suggested above with the OS available files. And check what files are been taken to consideration by the database to count them in to the flash recovery area usage. Hopefully this should answer your question.


                    Thanks &

                    Best Regards,

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                      Archive logs doesn't exist on OS  while autobackup file exist in the location.

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                        .We are running on window 2003 server 32-bit,we save backup on flash_recovery area which size is 91 GB,total file system size on window of flash recovery area is 190GB.When i check the space on file system it show me 84 GB free space,I want to ask then where is 27 GB space,because backupset size is 2.70GB autobackup size is 128 MB and datafile size is 79 GB


                        You have 190 G disk and your db_recovery_file_dest_size seem to set 91 g and you are using almost 78G so:


                        190 - 78= should be your disk size.


                        If you remove your old backup by usign delete obsolete than your size can be increase. Other way if you have still space issue it is not related with oracle. Someone could be put some files there or OS may hold some data space and doesnt release


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                          Asif Muhammad



                          As per the archivelog files, Please issue the following command from RMAN:

                          delete noprompt expired archivelog all;


                          And remove all obsolete backups using:

                          delete noprompt obsolete;


                          Note: this command will delete all more than one archivelogs and database backup set as per your retention policy, leaving one full backupset backup.


                          Thanks &

                          Best Regards,