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    PO Aprrovals Activity Status Deferred. R11i


      Hi All.


      In Workflow I am having Purchase orders that have been aprroved being set to DEFERRED after they have been approved. If they have to be sent to the next person in line if they are of higher value they are also set to Deferred.

      What brings this erropr and how do I resolve it.


      Thank you.

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          Yuvaraj C.


          Following are the status which a workflow Activity could have:

          • Active - activity is running.
          • Complete - activity completed normally.
          • Waiting - activity is waiting to run.
          • Notified - notification activity is delivered and open.
          • Deferred - activity is deferred.
          • Error - activity completed with error.
          • Suspended - activity is suspended.

          The engine has a deferred processing feature that allows long-running tasks to be handled by background engines instead of in real time.

          As you pointed out rightly if the workflow activity is waiting for another person in the queue to approve it, then the current activity is put on deferred/wait [waiting on the next approver] until the final approver in the WF either approves/rejects the WF the activity will be in deferred status.


          If you are seeing all the activities in Deferred status instead of Complete even after the complete approval then its a bug, please raise an issue with Oracle, but you begin in 11i not sure if oracle would still support you.

          Hope it helps!!



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            Thank you Yuvaraj.


            I ran the Workflow Background Process under  System Administration Responsibility. The Purchase orders with Deferred status moved to Notify. Problem solved for most of my Deferred status problem.


            Now a Requisition that was in Deferred state is now showing an Incomplete status if I go to Find Requisition screen in Purchase Orders. In Workflow the status is Complete and therefore I cannot Rewind it. How do I resolve this?