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    Weblogic Dump Thraed stacks issue


      HI All,


           when i check Tunning Thread Table in  AdminConsole—>SOAserver —> Monitoring —> Threads it gives below how can we clean jave Dump Thread Stacks bec's this resone i am facing some cannection pooling issue and loat of perfomance issues also and soa sever Health is Warning state please any help on this issue .......



      active Execute Thread :25

      Execute Thread total count :38

      Execute Thread idle count :24

      queue Length 0

      Completed reauest Count :10609280

      Hogging Thread Count :1

      Standby Thread Count:12

      Throughput  :33.449825897895

      Health : Warning state


      Thank you,


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          Sorry couldnt get your question ..do you want to clear the running threads? Any case get multiple thread dumps and see what those threads are doing. Based on the stack..see whether you can configure some timeout properties so that you can come out such situtations. You still have 25 ideal threads , may be some resourcing issue..cant tell anything with out looking into the thread dump.