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    Drillthrough from a Report with Union



      I have a requirement for implementing drill through in OBIEE analysis with unions, within the same subject area. The detail are given below:


      The Main Report(Summary) contains values which are actually results of applying union on multiple criterias.

      The output report is a pivot table with month values as columns and a set of different attributes in the row, which are actually coming from multiple criterias (individual union criterias)

      If I click on the measure value correcsponding to any row, it should go to a target report in which more deatils including some additional attributes of the selected row should be displayed.

      My report actually identifies the values correclty and passes the corresponding month value and the attribute value to the target report.


      The problem with this is since I am unioning multiple criterias, the attribute in the first criteria(which is shown as the column name in result columns of main report) is selected and getting filtered.

      In this case if I am selecting a value corresponding to the 2nd criteria, it if equated to the attribute in the 1st criterias and target report is not giving any results.

      Is there any solution for this issue? More details can be provided if required. Thanks in Advance...