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    Parameter Selection is select all values


      I have a parameter setup for my report.

      When I run the report and select a single value form the parameter list.... It is selecting all values.


      Can someone help me out?




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          Issue resolved myself.


          I have three reports created in BIP (each with Parameters):
          1) Control Report - Internal Users -> Works without Issue
          2) Control Report - External Users -> Parameter was not working
          3) Open SOX Issues Report -> Works without Issue

          My Resolution:
          1) Deleted report 2 and all related items
          2) Clear cache and reloaded metadata, etc...
          3) Cleared browser cache as well
          4) Recreated datamodel
          --- Added List of Values
          --- Added Parameter and tested -> OK
          --- Added Data set -> OK
          --- Tested --> OK  

          Not really sure why I was having the issue I was having.... But it appears to be OK now.

          Thank you

          Steve Brault