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    OBI crashing when creating a view on an analysis (initially created table view works fine)

    Daniel Willis

      Wondering if anyone else has experienced this. It seems pretty wierd because the initial view gets created.


      This is what happens:


      1. I create a new analysis. Data source doesn't matter. I have tried Sample App Lite & 2 different Essbase cubes.
      2. Drop some columns on the criteria
      3. Click Results. It displays a table view. I can save it and view it etc.
      4. If I try to create a 2nd view of any type including another table the front-end will hang, displaying "Processing, please wait"
      5. Logging onto the server we will see that there is a windows dialog box stating "nqssserver.exe has stopped working. Windows can check online for a solution........"


      It eventually times out. I think nqsserver.exe restarts by itself. The view doesn't get created.




      Any ideas?


      - Daniel