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    Can we set the alternative IR reports with PL/SQL?




      I have many alternative reports for an IR on a page.  On a different page I will generate links that lists these reports and I want that when I click on one, the correct alternative report is selected when I land on the page.


      Right now, I retrieve the Report ID by querying the APEX Views based on the Report Alias, then I have a dynamic action that selects the report in JavaScript:




      But the problem is that this report has a lot of data, so it takes maybe 2 seconds before it refreshes completely, so this is not seamless.  I was wondering, can we default the IR to the alternative report we want but in PL/SQL?


      I've looked at the APEX_IR package, but you can only clear, reset and add filters, but I don't think you can select an existing report so it is selected when the page is loaded.  I know I could built the report I want using filters dynamically, but these reports have more than just filters (ex: sorts).