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    find process in aix server


      Hi all,

      I want to "check for a process is running , if its running , go ahead and kill that else send an alert email"


      ,  using shell script in aix server.


      uname -a



      1 7 00CFC0F34C00


      i googled online and got some ideas.


      if [ "$(ps axu | grep  process_name )" ]


      kill statement goes here


      email statement goes here.


      Is this correct? or any other condition or modification do i need? Kindly advice.




      Pradeep. V

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          You should go find an AIX discussion forum for your question.

          AIX is not Linux and there might be idiosyncrasies in your OS that do not exist in other operating environments (such as Linux).


          If you ask your question in an AIX forum you will get replies from people that know that OS.


          Since your inquiry is beyond the scope of this LINUX discussion forum, it doesn't belong here.

          It is now locked.