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    Doubt about calculations possible in PLSQL in TimesTen


      Dear Experts


      I am running a project with Exalytics and TimesTen to support BI analysis in OBIEE.


      # Information is:

      The greater this intersection cardinality of:

      dimension 1 (350 members) against

      dimension 2 (4,600 members)

      total of 1,610,000 (crosses).

      obs: This is part of a universe of 480 million lines of facts.


      # Is there a calculation to determine the future values for the next three days 28 metrics on two facts.

      45 Executions per day.

      Operations are reading and writing variables date, number and varchar2

      Are 14 arithmetic calculations  and 6 percentages.

      ps: are considered: monthly economic index, numbers of stations toll highways and metro public.



      # Currently.

      This is solved with a process PLSQL 435 lines of code.



      ## The problem is.

      Not sure of the power of TimesTen PLSQL.


      I'm risky to consider the scope tackle this procedure implemented on TT Scripts type PLSQL.


      There is some experience of a similar case?