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    What do I need to do to default some values when a new row is created in a tabular form?

    John Ramuta-Oracle

      Hello all -

      I have a tabular form which requires a few columns to be entered by the user when s/he creates a new row, but other fields in the column can just default to certain values.  How do I set those default values so that the user doesn't have to be bothered with entering any data except those that MUST be entered?


      An example:




      REGION        COUNTRY       CITY

      APAC            JAPAN            TOKYO

      APAC            AUSTRALIA    SIDNEY

      APAC            KOREA           SEOUL


      REGION is nearly always APAC, so I want to default to that.  The user can still adjust it if necessary, but I want to set it for the user, just to save having to enter a value.  When the user clicks the the Add Row button, I want to load that value right away and leave the next two fields blank so the user can enter whatever they want.