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    How to determine if coming from the Error Page?

    Joe R





      I have a manually created tabbed form with a collection.


      I've added a validation and set the error message to display on the Error Page to preserve the information entered into the form.


      One of the Select Lists is a cascading list. That list does not populate when returning from the Error Page.  The parent list is populated and does show the value selected before the error was thrown. It's just the list that is based on the parent that isn't populated.


      If I refresh the page the Select Lists are reset and I can access the values normally.


      So, what I think I want to do (and I'm not sure here) is to refresh the page when returning from the Error Page.

      How can I determine if I'm coming back from the Error Page?

      Is there a better solution?


      Please let me know if this isn't clear or there are questions.