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    Error while running converted JCL / proc from Tuxedo Workbench


      Hi , I am trying to convert and run a JCL / Proc and Cobol code through Oracle Tuxedo  Rehosting Workbench . I followed all the steps and deployed the components .

      This created .ksh components for JCL in ../deploy/JCL and  .proc component in /deploy/PROC.  But when iam running the Jobs its giving below error  and its not able to find the converted proc.


      Do I need to set any Environment variable so that its able to find the location of converted proc.



      ERROR    mi_ScriptExtend: The procedure called is not found
               EJR: Internal Error (mi_ScriptExtend "/root/workspace/Pravin7/deploy/BATCH_RT/../JCL/RU55RU55.ksh" "/root/workspace/Pravin7/00000001/EXEC/00000001.ksh") RC=123