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    Unable to print run control parameters on BIP rtf report?


      Hi guys...I am trying to run an appengine and call an RTF report after loading run control parameters. I also want to report on the page the run control parms selected.


      The only way to do this is to use the SetRuntimeProperties method, however after loading the arrays it will only print hardcoded string values as follows:

      /* now loadup the runtime prompt values into arrays */


      This works and prints on the page if hardcoded!
      &asPropValue.Push(" 'John Smith' ");


      The following does not produce anything even though the value is populated! Obviously i need to pass in a dynamic value but why does it not work?


      &oRptDefn1.SetRuntimeProperties(&asPropName, &asPropValue);


      I am using the string: <?$RunBy?> on the page Report rtf template file.


      Form Text field

      <xsl:param name="RunBy" xdofo:ctx="begin"/>


      thanks for any help!!!