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    Salary Basis Oracle HRMS


      We have a new requirement coming up as follows


      • We have employee(s) who belong to US Business group and he has an active assignment.
      • The active assignment has a Salary Basis assigned to it, which determines salary, equity, benefit details of that employee.
      • The same employee has to be paid salary, equity and benefits in Latin America, another business group altogether.


      I am new to Oracle HRMS, looking for your help in addressing this situation!!




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          Sanjay Singh

          Hi Abby,


          As far as salary basis creation is considered you can create a new salary basis in Latin America Business group which can be assigned to employees of Latin America BG.


          The question which you I need more clarity for further understanding is that - Does the same employee is active in both the business group at the same time?

          Because as per the current functionality which I understand an employee can have active assignment in only one BG at a particular requirement.




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            Vigneswar Battu

            Hi Aabby,


            This is a limitation with Oracle EBS which is rectified in Fusion Apps.

            A person record is always defined in a BG.

            If the person is transferred to a new country(BG), then you can terminate the person in BG1 and re-hire in BG2.


            But if you want to have active assignments in both BGs, then you need to have 2 person records(one in each BG)

            System treats it as if they are different people.


            Hope that helps.