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    Chartfield for Account and Department not found in




      We are implementing OBIA l Financials for people soft 9.0 financials and supply chain.


      The issue we are having is with the task How to Configure GL Account and GL Segments for PeopleSoft.

      The task requires us to map to existing supported Chartfields and the customer has identified the following chartfields as being used. ,Account,DeptID,Fund_Code,Operating Unit etc,


      The Issue is the fields for Account and DEPTID are not in the list on supported chartfields for OBIA when I checked the documentation for the previous Version Account and Department were Supported and listed.


      I'm not sure now if I need to map these in this file or if these don't need to mapped, as there is another task that requires the tree SetID, Name and TressStructure ID for Each Chartfield.




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          The answer from oracle development on this issue is


          "From, Account, Department and Fund Code chartfields are considered to be mandatory segments and are mapped to three specific dimension tables and their corresponding hierarchy tables given below. These tables are already exposed in the RPD and the customer can use them to do the analysis.


          Department – W_COST_CENTER_D – W_COST_CENTER_DH




          Since we have separate tables for these now, we have removed them from the list of other chartfields which are populated into a generic table – W_GL_SEGMENT_D"