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    Rows imported don't match the table row count




      I'm importing a dump using an 11g client to a 10g database. I'm using this command:


      IMP userid=user/pass@DB fromuser=user touser=user file=file.dmp constraints=n ignore=y indexes=n TABLES=TABLE_NAME log=log.txt


      Before I import the table, I drop the table first. Running the command above will give me a how many rows were imported. i.e., 2000 rows imported.


      But when I query the table row count using the script below, it doesn't match the row count reported. How is this possible?


      select table_name, num_rows counter from dba_tables where table_name = 'TABLE_NAME'


      The only errors I see are related to grants and constraints.


      Your help will be appreciated. Thanks.