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    Re: Need advice re upgrading from Forms to in r12.12.1.3


      Hello Community.


      I'm sorry for resurrecting old post, but I want to clear a few moments for myself.

      I've EBS 12.1.3 on OEL 5 and I need to upgrade forms.

      Now I have:


      HTTP Service Properties (apps.localdomain):

        Oracle HTTP Server version             

        Sun JDK client version                           1.6.0_60

        JDK version on HTTP server node                  1.6.0_10

        Oracle AOLJ version                              Roll Up Patch J

        Oracle BC4J version                    

        Oracle BiBeans version                 

        Oracle HTTP client version                       10h

        Java object cache                                10.1.3

        Oracle JRAD libraries version                    10.1.3

        Oracle MDS version                     

        OA Framework version                             12.1.3

        Oracle help web version                          2.0.13

        Oracle XML driver version              

        Oracle UIX version                               2_3_6_9

        JDK version used by AD utilities on HTTP node    1.6.0_10

        Number of symbolic links found under             0

        directories served by oracle HTTP server

        Version of OWA packages                

        Package OWA_MATCH exists in SYS schema           TRUE

        OPatch version on 10.1.3 Oracle Home   

        OCM version on 10.1.3 Oracle Home                Not Configured


      Forms Service Properties (apps.localdomain):

        Developer 10g version                  

        DB client (RSF) library version in 10.1.2

        oracle home

        Forms runtime configuration from context file    servlet

        JDK version used by AD utilities on forms node   1.6.0_10

        Oracle Application Server patchset version

        OPatch version on 10.1.2 Oracle Home   

        OCM version on 10.1.2 Oracle Home                Not Configured

        JDK version used by Developer 10g                1.4.2_14-b05

      Concurrent Processing Service Properties (apps.localdomain):

        JDK on concurrent processing node                1.6.0_10

        JDK version used by AD utilities on CP node      1.6.0_10


      I've take a look at Upgrading OracleAS 10g Forms and Reports in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (Doc ID 437878.1) but don't clearly understand do I need to install  5983622 patch?

      Readme for 5983622 says that this is oracle AS 10.2.3 patchest 3 (i.e, but I've already "Oracle Application Server patchset version"


      One of notes from doc 437878.1 says "If customers are already on, follow instructions in Step 3.2 to apply the bundle patch."


      Please suggest the right way to upgrade forms.


      Kind regards,