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    Rich Text content in XMLP Reports - HTML_SUB




      I had already raised a query on this topic (Rich Text content in XMLP Reports).


      As per the response I received, I was able to get access to a 8.52 tools installed instance. I created a template importing the the Sub-template  HTML_SUB as given below.




      and then in the form-field in the RTF template, I set the text as


      <xsl:apply-templates select="MY_FIELD_NAME"/>

      Now, when I previewed the report, the Rich Text data is not displayed, and is left blank in the report. Is the sytax fine or am I missing something?


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          I had the same reaction the first time I used this feature.

          My issue was that the field needed to be inside a group in the template. Because this is a xslt, it will match fields to elements. Not placing a field in a group will result the xslt to mach to the root of your XML.


          Have a look at following blog:


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            Hi All,


            I have another doubt on this. We are still in Tools version 8.51. The tools upgrade is In progress and I was able to access one 8.52 upgraded instance. I downloaded the XSL file in the HTML_SUB Content Library from the 8.52 version and uploaded the same in my Instance in 8.51. I'm trying to preview the report from my Instance, will that be the reason for the RTE not coming up properly in the report ?



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              I believe the reason for this is that you are missing below feature in PeopleTools 8.51 that removes teh CDATA block form the XML. Content in a CDATA block will not be parsed.

              PeopleBooks > PeopleTools 8.52: BI Publisher for PeopleSoft > Creating Reports that include Rich Text Editor Data

              Using Query or Connected Query as a Data Source

              By default, Query and Connected Query use CDATA xml sections for all character fields. In order to display rich text format, the CDATA needs to be removed from the RTE field. The Report Property psxp_nocdatafields must be applied to all RTE enabled fields in order for the formatting to be preserved.

              To apply the psxp_nocdatafields property:

              1. Open the report definition based on the Query or Connected Query data source.
              2. Access the Properties page.
              3. Select Property Group PeopleTools Settings.
              4. In the Text field for psxp_nocdatafields, enter the RTE enabled fields names.If there is more than one field, the field names can be combined in a single string using a typical delimiter. Possible delimiter values are:
                • White space
                • Tab
                • Comma
                • Period
                • Colon
                • Semicolon
                • Carriage return
                • Line feed
              5. Save the report definition.