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    Apex Date picker


      Hi All,
      I have an apex 4.2.2 application with builder blue theme and I have a classic date picker item. By default date picker popup come with black background and white letters , Is there any way to change the background colour and the letter colour.

      Please let me know if there is any alternate way to change the properties of datepicker item.



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          Scott Wesley

          Any reason you're still using classic? and not the updated jQuery version - where I imagine the colour would be more easily configurable?

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            Hi Scott.

                      I  have a date field  and user need to pick the date so by default I went to classic date picker. I have no idea of  updated jQuery version  for date picker. Please let me know how to implement jquery date picker


            Thanks  in advance


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              Scott Wesley

              "Date Picker (Classic)" is the v3.x date picker, which uses a popup window

              "Date Picker" is the v4.x date picker, using jQuery to render it's content and does not launch a separate window. It also has more declarative settings available.


              Check out Utilities -> Upgrade Application for detail on utilisation throughout your application.