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    Negative Ack in RosettaNet trxn


      Hi All,




      We have two SOA Servers which acts as Host TP and Remote TP. And we have a RosettaNet agreement between these TPs.




      When we transmit a valid file from HTP to RTP, we are getting the ack in the HTP and also we can see the Payload storage under Wire Reports.




      Where as when we transmit an invalid file that fails in RTP, we are seeing a report with Doc Type as 'Exception' under RTP reports, where as we are seeing a report with Doc type 'Acknowledgement' under HTP Reports. Also the Payload storage under Wire reports of the HTP is in disabled state.



      In the Wire payload(packed payload) there is no entry related to the error.




      Is this a bug? or Am I missing anything?




      What should I do to capture the negative ack in RosettaNet trxn??




      Thanks in advance.