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    Extract required third party packages from my own jars.


         Hello everyone!

         I already have a huge JNLP application working but in order to decrease the size of certain jar files I'm trying to extract required third party packages from inside the jars of my projects.

         Although those third party packages aren't likely to change in the future, my first approach is to manage them as the rest of the jars of my project: adding them to the corresponding JNLP files, resigning them and putting into the same directory of the HTTP Server where the rest of the application is placed.

         After a few errors due to my unexperience I eventually managed to have no errors at the jawaws console, but my application fails at the very first use of one of the packages extracted (in this case "jdom.jar").

         Does anyone know which step/s I am missing or even if there is a guide I could follow to achieve my goal?

         Thank you in advance!