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    GOP and global sourcing

    VCP Functional



      I am having following question here on GOP, OSS (option specific sourcing) and global sourcing area..


      I have defined following setup.. Here category based sourcing is enabled in source and destination..


      Global sourcing rule and sources...

      1) Global sourcing rule based on item x; having sourcing org O1

      2) Global sourcing rule based on category of x item ( assume category code - CAT1); having source org O2

      OSS setup

      Model item- x, component - a; then source org O2


      Now after taking ATPable plan refresh, I have entered sales order for item x and selected option 'a' from configurator, then what will be shipping org O1 OR O2 during scheduling ?


      Will GOP consider first item based global sourcing rule with OSS source org first and show 'No source' error ?

      As source org determined from these setup is different and will it go category based global sourcing which will give source org O2 ?


      Thanks, Dipak