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    SO scheduling note : could not able to find a source for ATPable item

    VCP Functional

      Hi all,


      I am working on test case where I need to enable GOP in case of ATO model item. This model item is also having option class item along with some mandatory item and some optional component. Based on this option selection, * item will be created. I have enabled this BOM in org1 and org2. I am doing SO entry from operating unit belongs to Org1.  Now I have defined global sourcing (enabled for all org) for this model where transfer from org1 and transfer from org2 is mentioned. Further, I have created local  sourcing rule  in org1 as 'make at org1' and sourcing rule in org2 as 'make at org2'. ATP is enabled for required item in org1 and org2. With this , completed ASCP complete refresh and then I was trying to schedule without mentioning shipping warehouse. Here I am getting note - "could not able to find a source; mention warehouse on SO line or define sourcing rule".  Now if I will mention warehouse on SO line, then scheduling will work perfectly fine.


      Believe that GOP is not able to see global sourcing rule ie 'transfer from org1' or 'transfer from org2'. But I can able to work with local sourcing rule ie 'make org1' or 'make at org2' if I will mention warehouse on SO line.  so did I missed to do any other setup in order to GOP advise me warehouse and corresponding available date ?


      Please advise.


      Thanks/ Dipak