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    Display Issue in Forms 10g on Windows 7.




      I have a peculiar problem while working on Forms 10g application on Windows 7 Platform. I am able to build form modules and run them. The problem is in the display in the Oracle Applications Server Forms Services window. I use internet explorer(default) to display the results. Apparently I am able to view the correct output only after I scroll the mouse pointer up and down once. To make it more clear, when I click on run form option of the forms builder, the output opens in an internet explorer window. But the screen is blank. I am able to view the resulting frame and its contents after I move the mouse pointer once, in a vertical direction. My instructor told me that it is a problem specific to Windows 7 and can be rectified by using TuneUp Utility but of no help.


      Can anyone solve this please.


      Thank you!