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    Reg: SQL Loader issue-

    ranit B

      Hi Experts,


      I'm trying to load data from a flat file into an Oracle table, but facing some issues.


      Concern - (1)

      I have a directory where there are ~20 similar files named like 'rb_1', 'rb_2', 'rb_3', etc...

      All these data should be loaded into a single table say 'X'.


      Is it possible that only 1 CTL file will loop and load all the files into X?


      Concern - (2)

      Field delimiter is  Ctrl-X (CAN :Cancel) and Ctrl-M (EM : End of medium) characters

      Row delimiter is Ctrl-Z (SUB : substitute) and Ctrl-T (DC4 : Device Control) characters


      Is there any way I can specify this into my CTL file?

      (I've only worked on field delimiter as comma ',' but not special characters like this)


      Please let me know if any further info is required.


      Help much appreciated.



      -- Ranit