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    Apex Oracle Javascript validation


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      I am trying to Incorporate a javascript validation on an application in apex. Basically, what should happen is that the validation should run if i click on a textfield or another Item type. I want to the validation to runs without me having to click on a submit or save button.

      For an example if I was filling out a form, I want to validation straight after the user click from "FirstName" field to "LastName" and each indivdual field will have it own validation.

      The reason why I want to do this is because I have an application which takes about 15-30 minutes to fill out and sometimes after you spend all those mins filling it out and click on save or create. you get a long list of validation errors. To avoid this I want to use javascript/Ajax to do a validation which validate individual fields straight after you click from one field to another.

      I have a feelign it can be done but i dont know how. Please point me on the right direction.


      for an example I have this validations

      `begin if length(:p1_subject) >3 then return false; else return true; end if; end; ` 

      This validation will only run when i click on the create button but I want it to work everything you click off and on the p1_subject field.

      Hope I am making sense.

      Thank you very much.