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    jnlp client not working...


      I have a jnlp file for the topcoder arena that I have downloaded from topcoder.

      I have created a new user and copied some(C:\Users\User*) files from old user on a Windows 7 machine. In the old user this applet used to work fine. But in the new user now it's not. It stops while downloading the application or while verifying the application. It seems that I might have not copied some cache files or might have missed some config. files from old user.

      I have also tried eclipse plugin for the contest applet. But it's also having the same problem.

      I have also tried to download the application using the same jnlp on entirely new laptop and jnlp is working fine on other laptop as well.

      I have even enabled the logs using javaws. But it's really not very useful. My ask for help: Can someone please tell me how do I debug this problem and resolve this problem?