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    ORDER BY RAND() with EclipseLink ??

      how to implement ORDER BY RAND() with EclipseLink ?

      * I want to execute a MySql query that returns a collection sorted randomly ....
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          You can do this using an Expression query.

          There is no direct support for rand() but you can access using getFunction() or using fromLiteral(). getFunction() is normally used for functions that take one argument, so fromLiteral() may work better.
          You could use getFunction() if you defined your own ExpressionOperator for rand().

          ReadAllQuery query = new ReadAllQuery(Employee.class);
          query.addOrdering(query.getExpressionBuilder().fromLiteral("RAND()", query.getExpressionBuilder()));

          Please also log a bug on EclipseLink to have rand() support added.

          James : http://www.eclipselink.org : http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Java_Persistence
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            very nice, thank you!

            * I don't agree with a native support of the RAND() function since there is no standard way of doing that in SQL. So, for each DB you need a different function. To have a chance to call these functions with EclipseLink seems enough.
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              The online sample:


              F5 to refresh and see the order of the advertisements changing :)

              and the same data loaded under a GUI:


              * the gui was not yet updated to support the dynamic order, but it is coming soon :)

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                This is an old post but I was trying to achieve the same with Criteria API and couldn't find the "right" way.

                This was the only post that helped when googling for a solution, hope this can help to someone else too.


                Currently this works for me using Criteria API:

                cq.orderBy(criteriaBuilder.asc(criteriaBuilder.function("RANDOM", Void.class)));


                Using what James post suggests with Criteria API:


                will not work.


                Note: I'm using PostgreSQL so that's why I use RANDOM function instad of RAND.




                Marc Nuri