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    OPS center provisioning  Solaris 10 & 11.1 problem

      I have created a Solaris 11.1 x86 server and installed Ops Center fine on it. Next, I try to provisioning solaris 11.1 & 10 for T4-4 server using it . But provisioning solaris 11.1 & 10 are different problems.

      problems about provisioning solaris 11.1
      when the template of provisioning solaris11.1 was created, there is no opportunity for me to specify gateway . However I apply the template , error as blow :
      The Deploymentplan execution job failed because the DeploymentProvider OSDeployment for Step
      Provision OS failed to generate tasks for the job: The Network com.sun.hss.domain:name=NORM-,type=Network does not have a Gateway specified.Add the appropriate Gateway to
      this network and try agin.. Contact My Oracle Support if the problem persists.(10445)
      I should have to specify the target host‘s Gateway ?

      problems about provisioning solaris 10

      I can successfully provisioning Solairs10 for T4-4 server , but Proxy Controller located on the same subnet as the T4-4 with DHCP services configured. However, the document (Ops Center Provisioning Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System 12c Release 1 ( Part Number E27332-01) written as blows:

      " +A Proxy Controller located on the same subnet as the target hosts with DHCP services configured for x86 system.+

      +For a Solaris SPARC subtype, you do not need to enable DHCP on the network interface.+ "

      Because the customer's IT center there are a large number of VLANs.Each VLAN must deploy the Proxy Controller is very difficult. How should I do provisioning OS by wanboot ?