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    Not able to get value from cache by using filter


      Hi, I am trying to put a value in cache and trying to fetch it back by creating a filter.


      But not able to get the value.


      Am i doing any mistake in creating filter




      ValueExtractor nameValueExtractor = new PofExtractor(null, new SimplePofPath(new int[0]), PofExtractor.VALUE);

      Filter equalsFilterToFetchByName = new EqualsFilter(nameValueExtractor, "abc");



      employeeCache().entrySet(equalsFilterToFetchByName) is returning NULL


      putting employee in cache employeeCache().put(employee.getName(), employee);


      Snipeet from employee class


          public void readExternal(PofReader pofReader) throws IOException {

              name = pofReader.readString(0);

              age = pofReader.readInt(1);




          public void writeExternal(PofWriter pofWriter) throws IOException {

              pofWriter.writeString(0, name);

              pofWriter.writeInt(1, age);