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    Error Class Code: 70 on Linux Redhat 6.0

    Tushar Lapani

      hi guys!!

      I was installing package by using yum commad on my fresh Linux Red hat 6.0 which i have installed it first time  as follow.

                          $ yum install libaio-devel-0.3.107-10.el6.i686

      But it return error as:

      Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit, rhnplugin

      This system is not registered with RHN.

      RHN support will be disabled.

      Setting up Install Process

      No package libaio-devel-0.3.107-10.el6.i686 available.

      Error: Nothing to do


      So to reslove this I created account on rhn.redhat.com. I saw under "Registered system" that there was no old system registered. Then I tried to register my system with rhn as follow.

      1. Login as root

      2. rhn_register

          After supplying username and password it returns error like

      Error Class Code: 70

      Error Class Info:

           All available subscriptions for the requested channel have been exhausted.

           Please contact a Red Hat Network Sales associate.


           An error has occurred while processing your request. If this problem

           persists please enter a bug report at bugzilla.redhat.com.

           If you choose to submit the bug report, please be sure to include

           details of what you were trying to do when this error occurred and

           details on how to reproduce this problem.

      So how can i resolve this error?

      Plz help me....