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    Oracle tabular form


      Hello,       I am using forms 11g with weblogic server 10.3.5 at windows 7.I have a master detail form.There are 2 rows in details datablock with a master data block record. My detail data block has 5 number of rows(tabular form layout) to show records.I want it manage at run time means. If(detail bloick record number is 2) then there should be only 2 rows in detail block to show records, If data block record has 3 record for a master data block record then there should be  3 rows in detail data block to show records. As I reach at last field(column) in data block(detail table data block) there should be added a single row more in detail data block. I have tried to set data block property to set number of record displayed property but no output.Please suggest me that how can i do it. thank you aaditya