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    ABEND in Java User Exit with RAW DataType


      I have a Java User Exit Extract running against a trail file that has been pumped to the GoldenGate instance in question.  The extract starts up without any issues, but gives the following error after I update a record that has a RAW datatype as the primary key:


      JAVAWRITER(javawriter.c:269) [ERROR]: Error occurred (Java exception): UEDataSource.createOperation:


      com.goldengate.atg.datasource.InvalidTransactionState: A new operation was received without first receiving a BEGIN transaction. This can happen when processing is resumed in the middle of a transaction, or when there are "before" images in the trail that are not being sent to the user exit (always include "GetUpdateBefores" in the user-exit parameter file).


      I have tried a number of things to try to resolve this, but I can't seem to make this work.  the params for this extract currently looks like this:


      extract uePump

      sourcedefs ./dirdef/my_defgen.def

      setenv (GGS_USEREXIT_CONF = "dirprm/javaue.properties")


      cuserexit ./dirprm/libggjava_ue.so CUSEREXIT passthru includeupdatebefores

      table my_schema.B_PLN_DIR, fetchmodcols (PLN_DIR_ID, *);

      table my_schema.*;



      ... I've tried leaving off the "includeupdatebefores" argument to the cuserexit, leaving out the fetchmodcols handling for the table with the RAW PK field, but I still get the error shown above.


      Any help / pointers is much appreciated.