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    process hang


      Hello everybody.


      Im working with Oracle Database ver. and CentOS 5 like OS.


      I have a stupid problem but I dont know how I can face it properly and ask for help.


      The problem.


      When I try, inside a PL/SQL process, a partial deletion of a table.


      Delete from table1 where nameid = px1; (Both, nameid & px1 are numbers var)


      The process stop here and wait for something. The table is little, not more than 200 records, there is not another process using or running in the database that use this table. There is not deadlook, and it don't give ora-00060.


      It is not a database in production, by now it is only use to develop a application, so it is not a hard working database.


      Any idea welcome.

      Thanks in advanced & regards everybody.