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    Schedule Shipped Date




      This is on r12.1.3


      We are running into an issue at the time of entering orders in Order management.


      At order line level, when user enters a scheduled shipped date to next year - i.e. January 15 2014.  Oracle automatically defaults to 31-DEC-2013.


      It does not accept the 2014 date.


      We have seeded standard ATP without any complicated setup. The order date type is of 'Ship'.


      Any idea why above is happening?  How can the ship date be accepted for year 2014? Please advise.


      Also,is there any document or metalink note that I can refer to for complete setup around schedule ship dates?




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          Hi Darsh,

          A perfect notes to understand SSD.




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            VCP Functional

            Hi Darsh,


            I believe that your planning horizon is ending by Dec 13. As ATP based on planning output, planning is not doing any calculation beyond Dec 13. Another issue might be - the way you are doing over-ride ATP. As you mentioned, system is showing Dec 13 date. When you are trying to ammendemnt to 2014 then it is coming back 2013. This tells me that either  OM; Override ATP profile option is not enabled or you are not over-riding this date by clicking 'Over-ride ATP' column on SO line.


            Hope, this will be helpful to you.